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High Vibrational Modalities to Align your Life



Energetic Alignment &

Cellular Upgrade

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Remove blocks with the help of Crystalline Consciousness 


Book a private or group ceremony


Bridging the gap between

 Spirituality & Practicality


Manoela, Guatemala

Vivian is that kind of soul that you just fall in love with. Sensitive and very powerful woman. Her abilities and sharings is always an incredible experience. I was lucky to have her treatments and to feel it in my body and soul. She really can access others energy and do amazing healing. Forever grateful for this.


Caitlen, TX

I received a Mayan Cross reading from Vivian and was blown away by her knowledge and radiance! I was surprised by how accurate the reading was. She explained the meanings of each aspect very well and even had a PDF for me, where I can go back and look if I forgot something. I recommend this reading to anyone who is interested in learning about the Mayan Cosmovision and learning about the different energy aspects that are intertwined in their lives


Melissa, NYC

I've attended several of Vivian's cacao ceremonies and it's always been a beautiful experience. Her leadership, knowledge and energy is not only empowering, but impressive. One time I saw her lead a packed room with over 30 people with such grace. And her voice, it's truly heartfelt. I get chills everytime.

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