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About Apartment Twenty


Apartment Twenty is a personal care & wellness lifestyle brand created to help people bridge the gap between spirituality & practicality. 

For too long has there been a stigma that in order to be a spiritual person you have to be a "hippie," or run off to India and become a cave yogi, or live as a monk and meditate for 72 hours at a time. 

It's created a false belief that you can only be a spiritual person or a "normal" person and that's simply not the case.

This separation, in our opinion, is the reason there is so much dis-ease and unhappiness within our lives and around the world.

W H Y?

It's when we bridge this gap & start living spiritually everyday, through our practical lives, that we truly begin to understand ourselves better, our place in the world, what we have to offer, what makes us happy, what truly makes us shine, and what really makes us feel alive!

Living in a harmonious state that creates coherence between our mind, body, and spirit.


Apartment Twenty is here to guide you, and inspire you. Showing you that spiritual practices do not have to be intimidating, and it's something that can be incorporated into your daily routine. 

Our various offerings of yoga, cacao, reiki, & meditation are here to support you on your journey across that bridge.

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