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Journey through the Energy Centers

Reclaiming the Power of the Human Energy System

The Energy Centers are the “power centers” of the human energy system.

The Energy Centers are subtle in nature, but as anything energetic, have their physical or more dense correspondences. Each center has a biological makeup and is linked to a set of organs, glands, and/or system. They have corresponding mental, emotional, and psychological states/ influences as well as physical dysfunctions when they are not in balance. Each center emits its own frequency, or information; information that informs the associated physiology and as such the rest of the body.


A loss of power in any of these energy centers is a direct loss of power to the physical body. A basic understanding of the principle energy centers is prerequisite for true holistic health - body, mind, and spirit. It is time to reintroduce Spirituality (without dogma) into the picture of health, happiness, and prosperity because as the ancients, the indigenous, and even sacred religious texts (before their distortions) have tried to tell us through story and parables - we are not separate from the spirit world, and spirituality is an emotional, psychological, BIOLOGICAL need. 


This series is dedicated to the reclamation of your power.


Are you ready to take your health into your own hands?

Are you ready to feel like you have tools to assist you in your healing journey?

Are you ready to take a look at the beliefs that create limiting stories?

Are you ready to create more intimacy with your Self?

Are you ready to liberate energy for regeneration & creation?

Are you ready to create new neural networks? 

Are you ready to call your energy back and feel more whole?


You have the power to do all this and more. You are only limited by the programming that exist in the mind. 


Join me in this 7 part journey through the energy centers and reclaim your personal power. 


Each session is a hybrid experience.

The first portion is educational, covering the physiological expressions of the center, its primary weakness, primary strengths, its role in consciousness and psychological/ psychosomatic implications. 

The second portion will be a group healing. I will be working through the quantum field (to which we are all connected) and using my trusted crystal allies to assist you in clearing energetic blocks, reprogramming, & empowering the energy center.


It is not mandatory to attend each session, however it is highly recommended as none of the centers are isolated and each communicates & feeds into the other. To avoid the overcompensation of one energy center to another, I suggest being present for every lecture and healing. 

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Presented by Vivian Arias 

Vivian is a multidisciplinary healer specializing in high vibrational modalities. Since founding Apartment Twenty in 2020 (yes, right smack in the beginning of the pandemic) she has led 3 sold out retreats, gained an international client base, and guest facilitated a month long personal transformation residency in Guatemala. 

Her goal is to empower humanity by educating and bridging the gap between Spirituality & Practicality. Her approach is an integration of psychology, psychosomatics, energetics, and spiritual wisdom; Utilizing high vibrational modalities for personal change & transformation.

"Let's heal the energetic & subconscious mental blocks that prevent you from seeing the powerful creator that you are" - Vivian

What We'll Cover


We Begin June 4th!

Ready to join in on the journey?! Sessions are every 2 weeks starting Sunday June 4th and ending Sunday August 27th. 

To register, click the link below - you'll be redirected to my services page. 

Book all 7 sessions today and receive a discounted price!

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